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Outdoor Cardio Dance Class

Class description :

Every Tuesday we will be offering a cardio dance fitness class. Cardio fitness dance class is a high-energy, high-intensity dance workout. It's great fun and great exercise.
We move to the same jams you’d find at your favorite party spot.
Find your groove or learn some new moves while working your body.

Equipment needed:
(If you want the extra challenge, you can bring a pair of very light hand weight's. NOT REQUIRED)

Safety first:
Masks must be worn at all times during class (please cover mouth and nose) If you feel the need to take your mask off to breathe, please step aside away from the class to do so.

Weather: If it rains we will move class to the next Tuesday of the following week.

MeShell Campbell MeShell Campbell

Instructor Bio:
MeShell Campbell is an ACE Certified Group fitness instructor, and business owner. The mother of two young children has been a business owner for six years and in the fitness industry for over three years. Her speciality is moving to the music, and having fun all while getting an intense full-body workout. She is no stranger to group fitness and is always finding fun and creative new ways to work out. Her number one goal is to help others feel good and have fun while exercising.