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100 Days and A New You!


Join Maryland’s Most Sought-After Fitness Training Program Designed Specifically for You by Professionals Trained to Lead You Through Your Weight Loss Journey and Rid You of All That Extra Weight That’s Holding You Back

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Action Sport and Fitness’s Jump Start Personal Training Package Is Your Ticket to A Healthier Future: 100 Days and A Sexier, Healthier, Leaner Version of You Ready to Take on the World

The Jump Start Personal Training Package is the go-to fitness training program this year and rightly so.

Hundreds of Marylanders and people from other states have seen unbelievable weight loss results with these 1 to 1 training sessions and so can you, at one low price, right from the comfort of your home if you want to.

Let’s Get Real Here…

You are in your midlife, your job leaves you no room for exercise, you eat garbage fast food every day because you have no time to cook, and your waistline is getting as bigger as your love handles are getting wider.

At this point, you might have just given up.

Fat people are cursed with the extra weight for all their life. Even if I lose my weight, I will gain it back”.

“You can’t lose weight as you get older”

“I have tried everything, and nothing works for me. This won’t too”

Trust me.

I have heard all of this before, and it will be the same clients who said this who will be thanking us three months forward for doing helping them do the impossible.

See if you can relate to this.

  • Within the last year, your doctor has told you that you are at risk of diabetes and blood pressure problems.
  • You have unimaginable back pain and knee pains that have dramatically affected your mobility.
  • You have tried all sorts of diets, exercises routines, and fitness coaches but your stubborn fat just won’t leave.
  • You have sleep apnea and struggle with breathing in your sleep.
  • You can never fit into the clothes that you like, and this completely shatters your confidence.


Being fat and in pain all the time is not how you should be living your life. There must be a way out. Something or someone out there who can help you reclaim your life and happiness. Anything that will allow you to lead a healthy life. Right?


The Jump Start Personal Training Package Is Your Way Out of This Mess

We at Action Sport and Fitness went into the deepest pits of weight loss research to find what’s happening to you.

Why can’t you lose weight? What is the best way for you to lose weight? How can you keep off the lost pounds? Why no diet works for you?

It all came down to a few basics.

  • You have no accountability, so you try many different diets and exercises but never remain consistent.
  • You get bored with diets as most of them make you eat boring, dull foods that you don’t even like.
  • The exercises you do are not personalized for you, so they never work in the way that you want them to.

Our program removes all these hurdles from your weight loss journey.

  • You get 1 to 1 personal training sessions with a trained professional who strictly keeps you accountable and consistent.
  • Your get a personalized diet plan that includes most things you love eating, just a healthier version of your favorite foods so that you don’t even feel like you are dieting.
  • The exercise sessions are personalized for you that are designed after the FREE initial fitness assessment consultation.
  • All 30 Minute Programs Include personalized nutrition guide.
  • All 60 Minute Programs Include personalized nutrition guide and meal plan.

How it Works

You sign up for this package and get a FREE fitness assessment consultation to create a personalized dieting and exercising plan for you. You get four 30-minute sessions divided out into 2 to 3 sessions a week either online or in-person, based on your preferences. You have valuable materials on tools and equipment you need and full support of your trainer who will keep you accountable and motivated until you lose all that extra fat.

How Desperately Do You Want to Lose All Your Extra Fat and Get Rid of Your Back and Knee Pain?

What Won’t You Give to Fit into Any Clothes You Like and Regain Your Self Confidence?

You are ready to enter the next chapter of your life and build a healthier future for yourself.

Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Today.

In 100 Days, You Won’t Even Recognize Yourself.

You Won’t Believe How Far You’ve Come.

Start Your Journey TODAY.

Get Started with one of our professional trainers/coaches


Essential Workout Equipment For Remote/Live Via FaceTime or Zoom (Virtual) Personal Training Sessions.

10lb Dumbbells 15lb Dumbbells Foam Roller Mat
25lb Kettle Bell Medicine Ball Exercise Ball

Top 5 Ways To Stay In Shape

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