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A.C.T.I.O.N Sport and Fitness, Personal Training Services in Greenbelt, MD

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Fitness Program in Greenbelt, MD

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle in person or online, you’ve come to the right place. You will receive effective workout plans, a personalized nutrition guide, and meal plan. Action Sports and Fitness offers in-person fitness programs in Greenbelt MD. Additionally, we offer exercise supplements to help you exceed your limits and expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

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We are taking action to another level by integrating Myzone in all of our training programs.

What is Myzone?

Myzone allows clients to wear a heart-rate monitoring belt that sends their readings to screens around the gym in real-time. Through a series of personalized, color-coded tiles, users always know precisely what heart-rate zone they are in at any given moment during their workout, allowing them to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum results. This data is recorded within the user’s online personal activity report, accessible either through the Myzone website or the free Myzone app, allowing you to log in at any time to see how close you are to reaching your goals. Click the "Click Here for Myzone" button below to use a special voucher to save on your first belt.

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30 Minute Starter Package:

8- 30 minute private personal training sessions. Training frequency 2x a week for 4 weeks

Pre workout stretching video

1-Nutrition Guide

1- Personalized Meal Plan

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30 Minute Commitment Package:

1-Fitness Assessment/ Consultation each month

36-30 minute private personal training sessions. Training frequency 3 sessions a week for 12 weeks

Pre workout stretching video

1-Nutrition Guide

1-Personalized Meal Plan

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Semi-Private Partner Workout For Weight-Loss

The semi-private partner workout for weight-loss is a small group workout where you share your session with one other person. You can either sign-up with someone you know or be paired with someone we pick for you. The benefit of the semi-private partner workout is you will be motivated by not only the instructor but by the person you are working out with as well. All exercises and rest periods will be timed. This workout is geared toward anyone looking to lose weight and who is not sure how to properly do circuit-style strength training on their own in order to achieve results. All you have to worry about is doing cardio outside of your two partner sessions a week and follow your nutrition guide to get the weight loss results you are looking for.

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Online Personal Training Results

Meshell Campbell

My name is Meshell Campbell. I just want to say Marvin is the one of the best personal trainers I know. From his knowledge, professionalism, and his overall atmosphere he creates for his clients is simply outstanding. I started with Marvin right after my first baby. I was looking to lose weight and gain muscle, but also to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. Marvin is amazing. I lost over 10 pounds. He will help every step of the way with meal plans, certain exercises, and his open door policy he’s always available if you have any questions or concerns.

Before and After Our Workout Plans in Greenbelt, MD

Dante Williams

My name is Dante Williams and I'm so glad I decided to work with Marvin to accomplish my fitness goals. Prior to training with Marv I had been unsuccessful (for years) in my attempts at gaining weight and muscle. Not only were the exercises effective but, his knowledge of the body taught me a lot about myself and how to manage my look. I achieved my desired results and I believe if I would've been more strict in following the meal plan the results would have been even greater. My overall experience was a perfect balance of the push and guidance I needed without feeling overwhelmed. I highly recommend A.C.T.I.O.N Sport & Fitness! #NothingGetsDoneWithoutAction
- @iammellowill

Renard Sims, 34, Before and After

Renard Sims, 34

I've been training with Marvin for about 2+ years both in person and online. Although I've been working out on my own before coming to Action Sports & Fitness, I felt I needed something different. Since working with Marvin, I've learned various workouts that gave me the ability to gain more muscle mass and loose fat (ultimate goal was to get his size with my height lol). In addition to the workouts I received detailed meal plans that aligned with my specific goals. These workouts and meal plans provided a positive level of motivation when folks walk by me and ask "what have you been doing in the gym?" Like many people I was hesitant with spending money on a trainer, however, it this was probably one of my best investments. In addition working with Marvin isn't boring at all as he became a good friend as well as trainer.

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Weight Loss Training in Greenbelt, MD

Bailey Ewing

Marvin has helped me to start and continue my weight loss journey. Through his patience and understanding, he has taught me the proper technique for many strength and toning exercises as well as help me to build my confidence in and out of the gym. He has helped me to develop healthier eating habits through structured meal plans and a healthier lifestyle through customized training and workout plans. I plan to continue this journey with his help until I reach my ultimate goal of a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Contact info: They can check out my fitness Instagram @shakingmyheadBAE

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