Personal Training

Embrace a transformative journey with our meticulously crafted 12-month program, designed to elevate your fitness experience through a series of intensifying phases. This comprehensive program is divided into four distinct 4-week phases, each meticulously crafted to build upon the last, repeated three times to progressively increase intensity and challenge your limits.

Phase 1: "Fat as Fuel" Personal Training

Kickstart your journey with our "Fat as Fuel" phase, where personal training sessions, available both in-person and online, are tailored to optimize your body's fat-burning capabilities. This foundational phase sets the stage for a transformative experience, focusing on conditioning your body to efficiently use fat as its primary energy source.

Phase 2 & 3: Strength Building

Embark on the heart of your transformation with Phases 2 and 3, dedicated to strength building. These personal training sessions, accessible in-person or through our online app, are designed to fortify your muscular foundation. As you progress, you'll notice significant enhancements in strength, endurance, and resilience, preparing you for the advanced challenges ahead.

Phase 4: Sculpting Muscle Definition

Conclude your journey with our "Increased Muscle Definition" phase, where the focus shifts to refining and sculpting your physique. These sessions, available both in-person and online, aim to elevate muscle definition and showcase the hard-earned results of your dedication. As you navigate this final phase, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in your body's appearance and capabilities.

Our program's flexible structure, offering both in-person and online personal training options, ensures that you can engage with each phase at your convenience, allowing for a seamless integration into your lifestyle. Ready to embark on a journey that promises not just a physical transformation but a complete lifestyle revolution? Join us and redefine what's possible for your fitness journey.

12 30-Minute Sessions a Month 3 Sessions a Week

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12 60-Minute Sessions a Month 3 Sessions a Week

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8 30-Minute Sessions a Month 2 Sessions a Week

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8 60-Minute Sessions a Month 2 Sessions a Week

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