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Testimonials - Personal Training Services in Greenbelt, MD

Many people have turned to us effective personal training services in Greenbelt, Maryland. We offer online meal planning and weight loss training for people who need a helping hand in improving their health. Whether you’re looking for an online muscle building program or a meal plan, then you’ve come to the right place. Read what others have said about our effective personal training services below.

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Bryan Miles Shows Results From Our Weight Loss Program in Greenbelt, MD

Bryan Miles, 31, Bank Examiner

“Marvin has helped me achieve my target goal. May 1st I started out weighing approximately 198 pounds and 25% bmi. As of today, I weigh in at approximately 175 pounds and a motivation for the gym. “ (706) 332- 9813 bryan.miles08@gmail.com

Brittany Wood Shows Results from Our Personal Training Services in Greenbelt, MD

Brittany Wood 24, Administrative Assistant

I contacted Marvin when I saw that he was running a special training program (via instagram) and he responded almost immediately! He outlined personal the training and meal program that he would compose for me and I was sold. My biggest challenge has always been nutrition. Marvin’s personalized meal and exercise plan helped me lose 14 pounds in just a little over one month! He is also a great coach and extremely supportive. I have not taken measurements, but I know I have also lost several inches because my clothes fit much better. Unfortunately I had to have knee surgery, so that has stunted my exercise, but I have been able to keep up with my nutrition and Marvin has still been very supportive and available as a coach!

Ron Bryant Takes Part in Our Fitness Program in Greenbelt, MD

Ron Bryant, 43, Nerium Brand Partner

Having Marv as a personal trainer has changed the way I eat, what I drink, and how I see my overall health. I'm eating less food like substances and more lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and drinking more water. My body has converted much of my fat into toned muscle. I sleep better and have more energy than I did since I've retired from active duty military service five years ago.

(703) 862-7018 sirronbryant@gmail.com

John Tuncer Shows Results from Weight Loss Training in Greenbelt, MD

John Tuncer , 25, Physical Therapist Assistant

I'll keep this short and simple. During my time with Marvin, I can say I've learned alot and matured a lot as a person. He wasn't there as a trainer but more of a friend helping me out. He made sure I understood what exercises I was doing and the purpose of it. Many trainers nowadays seem "shady" and they don't put in the work to actually help out other people, they don't just seem to care. However, with Marvin, it's the total opposite. Also, I have learned that The trainer only does 10% of the work, the 90% is up to YOU and how dedicated you are to this process. Unfortunatly due to me being far away, I had to stop my sessions with him, but if I ever get the chance, I would go back to Marvin without even thinking about it.

Becky Widman

Becky Widman, 44, Stay-At-Home Parent

I've been training with Marvin for almost four years and he's NEVER had me to do the same workout twice!

Marvin's creative and fun (and funny) and the workouts he designs are always a challenge. Once you see how hard Marvin works on his own fitness, you know you're never going to get off easy!

Strength is my primary goal and I've always lifted weights, but once I started working out with Marvin I learned what it REALLY meant to build strength. I love that I can bench press more at 44 years old than I could at 28.

Most importantly, Marvin has made me realize that fitness is a lifetime goal not just a quick fix. He never cancels, he meets me where I am, and he never gives up on me. His commitment to me allows me to keep my promises to myself.

Spencer Ferguson,

Spencer Ferguson, 27, Architect/Urban Developer, Email: spencer7248@gmail.com, Phone: 213-399-0303

Marvin helped me achieve a goal of getting stronger and adding on weight to my body. When I started in November of 2015 I was 175lbs. Today I am a lean 210 lbs. I was a casual lifer at first but now I feel like a season gym goer. I look forward to more challenging workouts from Marvin.

Natalie Surin, 25, Works for a nonprofit The center for safety and change, Email: nataliesurin@gmail.com, Phone: 845-596-4546

Marvin has helped me with providing me a routine to follow, and gave me new found motivation to keep me pumped up to go to the gym, and provide me the knowledge of what I should and shouldn't be putting in my body to achieve the goals I have for myself.

Sandra Jones

Sandra Jones, 74, Happily Retired, 202-562-8652; slr_jones@hotmail.com

Marvin has made exercise something I almost look forward to. You are patient and encouraging--never allowing me to give up. (Definitely NOT accepting "I can't".) Through your encouragement and training I was able to run and finish a half marathon at 72 (which I never thought possible). My vitals' numbers are very good...which makes me and my Doctor happy...exercise playing a large part in those results. Then, there is the weight loss and physical strength I have achieved. Thank you!

 Jennifer Dahl

Jennifer Dahl - miss.jennifer.dahl@gmail.com

“I’ve been working with Marvin for about six months through private personal training and boot camp sessions and in this time I’ve seen tremendous results. I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. Marvin is knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness, which is evident through the dedication he shows to his clients and his enthusiasm during each session. His outgoing, friendly personality serves as the basis for his relationship with his clients. He motivates me to past my perceived limits to get results. Through my workouts with him, I have successfully increased my strength and endurance and I have discovered my abilities as an athlete. His consistent and positive feedback and encouragement has retrained my attitude as I retrained my body”

Jaime Lyon

Jaime Lyon, 32, Management and Program Analyst

Training with Marvin is one of the best investments I ever made in myself. I have had personal trainers before, but no one that compares to Marvin. His positivity and sincere love and dedication to health and fitness is contagious. With Marvin’s coaching, I succeeded in my goal of losing weight and toning up, and I also gained self-confidence and a new balanced understanding of health and nutrition. Marvin developed individualized meal plans for me, tailored my workouts to my needs while pushing me out of my comfort zone to challenge myself physically and mentally, and provided constant motivational support and encouragement. I am a stronger, healthier, and happier person because of Marvin. Thank you Marvin!

Dr. Stephen A. Austin

Dr. Stephen. A. Austin, 48

There are no words that can describe how thankful I am for you. My doctors told me to not expect to gain any kind of substantial muscle because my body would not be able to handle it. I was going to the gym, NEVER took off my shirt and all my semi-shirtless pics were ones that had me sucking in tight and darkening the photo.

Then, I prayed to God to lead me to someone who could help me. Lo and behold, I saw you in the store and took a chance that you were a trainer. You said, "Yes," and gave me your information.

Marvin, not only did you listen to my circumstance, but you researched ALL of my medical issues AND their 38 daily associated medications.

  • When I was embarrassed, you told me it was alright and that you were there beside.
  • When I cried, you told me it was okay to cry but giving up was not an option.
  • When I was in and out of the hospital, you constantly checked on me.
  • When I talked smack to you, you 'checked' me by giving me more pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups while telling me, "Don't be afraid to talk. Speak up." LOL

Your programs are extremely difficult but they work. You asked me what my goals were and you created a program that not only got me there but surpassed any of my expectations. You even had my physicians applaud you and your work.

Your programs are extremely difficult but they work. You asked me what my goals were and you created a program that not only got me there but surpassed any of my expectations. You even had my physicians applaud you and your work.

I took advantage of BOTH your one-on-one AND on-line portion. Even with your on-line program, the way you kept in contact made me feel that you were right beside me, thus making me work even harder because I knew I was accountable for my actions.

Marvin, thank you, thank you, thank you. You believed in me when I struggled to believe in myself or even raise my head. You are the best of the best, dear Brotha.

My cup runneth over.

"Nothing Gets Done Without Action" ~> Marvin

Dr. Stephen A. Austin

Michael F.

Michael F., frempomk@gmail.com

Prior to training with Marvin, I went to the gym semi-regularly (about 2-3 times a week) and didn’t see any results for the work that I’d supposed I'd been putting in. This was due to lack of focus and planning. I would take long breaks between sets, and would workout certain muscle groups consistently. Training with Marvin helped me with focus, planning, and intensity. While training I was able to get through more intense workouts with limited rest between sets. Marvin also helped me plan (meals and workouts) to do in my off time. All of these things helped me see the results I was missing when workout out in my own.

Eric Borden

Eric Borden

I trained with Marvin for about a year and I can easily say that Marv has been the best trainer I’ve had since I started working out. The workout programs he designed were super challenging and outside of my comfort zone, but his consistent motivation definitely pushed me to get it done! He was very attentive both in the gym and outside to answer any questions I had about fitness and weightlifting. Over our time, I gained a lot in muscle mass, overall aesthetics, and (maybe more importantly) self-confidence. I would recommend Marv to anyone in the DMV area trying to meet fitness goals and chase gains!

Bryan Concepcion

C.B  (31 YO; Largo, MD)

How ACTION Fitness helped me:
Upon starting my journey with Marv, I completely plateaued with my fitness. Although I already lost 20 pounds, I didn’t know how to lose the additional 30 to reach my goal at the time. Marvin provided me with a structured fitness plan in combination with a structured diet catered to my body type. I could not have dropped the weight without Marv’s help. The personal training sessions, accountability, motivation, and support were critical to my journey.

James Yarborough, 27, Accountant

I've used personal trainers previously, but what sets Marvin apart are two things:

1. Nutritional Guidance: Too often, you'll work out hard but fail to reap the full benefits (or any) because of improper nutrition. Marvin provides a customized meal plan, displays examples of what he eats on Instagram, and is available to answer any questions you have regarding portions/brands, etc.

2. Accessibility/Accountability: Some trainers really don't care about you outside of the session. Marvin provides detail guidance and checks in on you even when you aren't scheduled to workout with him. It's pretty hard to fail on using his programs/guidance.

202-320-5506, jyarborough5@yahoo.com

Elaine Matias, 24, Accountant

Marv provided me with workouts and meal plans during the duration of the training session which lasted about 2 months. He has helped me incorporate different workout routines to enable better results opposed to what I had been originally doing and getting very minute results. He also encouraged me to finish my weeks off strong, which really helped out a lot and was reachable any time I needed him.

201-375-2389 elainerr22@gmail.com

Shanique Cartwright, 39,Physician

I decided I needed to lose some weight in preparation for my brother's wedding. I had a few too many problem areas, particularly the underside of my arms that were sagging. I was the oldest person in the bridal party and wanted to look my best. I decided to go to a personal trainer because I knew I needed to look right in the dress, but did not have the discipline to do it on my own. Marvin was fantastic! We worked on toning my problem areas and losing some weight. The beauty of the experience was that I also found the sessions helped me to relieve stress and perform better at work. By the day of the wedding celebration, I was in really good shape and had run a half-marathon two months prior.

Marvin was very encouraging, knowledgable and helped me to get the results I wanted. My confidence increase a lot also. I got married a year later and had a baby after that. Despite my age, the pregnancy went well and exercise contributed to that a lot. I appreciate Marvin's contribution to my fitness and what that brought to my life. I would recommend him to anyone!

Christine, 44, writer

Marvin is awesome—he definitely knows his stuff and he NEVER lets you say, “I can’t.” I have been working with him for a few months and I can tell you, I am feeling so much stronger. I am 44 and have had lots of back and neck issues in the past as a result of a very sedentary job. But I feel like my body is so much more reliable now. I have gotten noticeably stronger and have confidence in my strength. This part has been the most important life improvement for me—even more than weight loss, more than how I look (although people have complimented the results). For example, I can pick up my 6 year old son very easily, whereas before it was a strain. Marvin tracks my progress, too, and mixes up the workouts—arms, legs, whole body workouts. He is very careful about proper form. I appreciate Marvin's positive energy so much—he has a friendly, calm and easy-going personality and is always ready to laugh. I leave workouts physically drained but mentally energized and once I have gotten home, had my protein and showered, I feel just great!

 Celia, 31, Paralegal

I used to think I was living a healthy lifestyle, but Marvin made me take a HARD second look once I saw my first meal and workout plan. I knew it was going to be challenging immediately, but we talked about my goals, burning fat and toning up my lower body and working everything overall, and he told me this was the best way to see the results I wanted. After the first week of complaining (lol), I saw immediate results. I knew I had not been eating whole, clean foods, but that processed foods were inhibiting my progress. First thing I noticed was my stomach fat decreasing. After a month, I could see that annoying fat on my lower body starting to decrease but also muscle appearing...even my mom noticed muscular changes in my lower body. I'm seeing gains all over since my first 10 sessions with him. I used to workout 3-4 times a week as a max, now I'm working out 6 times a week, eating 6 meals a day, and I'm getting stronger EVERY DAY. I'm making great progress doing #QualityWork with Marvin AND what I'm assigned to do when I'm not with him. My body fat has decreased and I'm heading to an athletic body fat zone. You have to commit to his program, a healthy lifestyle and to yourself. There are really no excuses. Every time I tried to come up with one I couldn't justify it because you have to MAKE THE TIME. I'm a single mom, I work a full-time job, and my schedule is crazy, but I want this lifestyle, I choose be healthier. Marvin has a great, funny and encouraging personality at each of our sessions. He is always there to challenge me, educate me, and push me when I think I can't go any farther by smiling and reminding me that I have more reps to finish! lol. I can't wait to see what happens over the next 24 sessions! #Beastmode

202-368-2863, cecelewis@gmail.com

Andrew Widman, 44, Finance and Risk Management Analyst, Andrewwidman@yahoo.com, 301–793–6280

Marvin is the first trainer I've worked with and I've been with him now for over three years. Marvin understands my objective to stay fit and active so I can keep up with my kids and tailors my training accordingly. It's not a problem that I'm not a fan of the gym environment and not trying to bulk up. Marvin develops creative sets and makes every session fresh and interesting in spite of the limitations of my basement and simple equipment. Most important, Marvin is caring and trustworthy and a reliable friend.

Natalie Surin, 25, Works for a nonprofit The center for safety and change, Email: nataliesurin@gmail.com, Phone: 845-596-4546

Marvin has helped me with providing me a routine to follow, and gave me new found motivation to keep me pumped up to go to the gym, and provide me the knowledge of what I should and shouldn't be putting in my body to achieve the goals I have for myself.

Jonathan Allen, Jr., 30, Entrepreneur

Marvin has helped become more balanced with time. I find myself making time to workout versus making excuses on why I couldn’t work out. He has inspired me to work harder and eat more proper. He indulgences me by continuing to be a greater him. It goes beyond working out.

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Online Personal Training Results

Meshell Campbell

My name is Meshell Campbell. I just want to say Marvin is the one of the best personal trainers I know. From his knowledge, professionalism, and his overall atmosphere he creates for his clients is simply outstanding. I started with Marvin right after my first baby. I was looking to lose weight and gain muscle, but also to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. Marvin is amazing. I lost over 10 pounds. He will help every step of the way with meal plans, certain exercises, and his open door policy he’s always available if you have any questions or concerns.

Before and After Our Workout Plans in Greenbelt, MD

Dante Williams

My name is Dante Williams and I'm so glad I decided to work with Marvin to accomplish my fitness goals. Prior to training with Marv I had been unsuccessful (for years) in my attempts at gaining weight and muscle. Not only were the exercises effective but, his knowledge of the body taught me a lot about myself and how to manage my look. I achieved my desired results and I believe if I would've been more strict in following the meal plan the results would have been even greater. My overall experience was a perfect balance of the push and guidance I needed without feeling overwhelmed. I highly recommend A.C.T.I.O.N Sport & Fitness! #NothingGetsDoneWithoutAction
- @iammellowill

Renard Sims, 34, Before and After

Renard Sims, 34

I've been training with Marvin for about 2+ years both in person and online. Although I've been working out on my own before coming to Action Sports & Fitness, I felt I needed something different. Since working with Marvin, I've learned various workouts that gave me the ability to gain more muscle mass and loose fat (ultimate goal was to get his size with my height lol). In addition to the workouts I received detailed meal plans that aligned with my specific goals. These workouts and meal plans provided a positive level of motivation when folks walk by me and ask "what have you been doing in the gym?" Like many people I was hesitant with spending money on a trainer, however, it this was probably one of my best investments. In addition working with Marvin isn't boring at all as he became a good friend as well as trainer.

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Weight Loss Training in Greenbelt, MD

Bailey Ewing

Marvin has helped me to start and continue my weight loss journey. Through his patience and understanding, he has taught me the proper technique for many strength and toning exercises as well as help me to build my confidence in and out of the gym. He has helped me to develop healthier eating habits through structured meal plans and a healthier lifestyle through customized training and workout plans. I plan to continue this journey with his help until I reach my ultimate goal of a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Contact info: They can check out my fitness Instagram @shakingmyheadBAE